Think you can't rewrite your PLR articles?
Don't know how?

  YES YOU CAN Completely Rewrite
Your PLR Articles So Google Will
Still Love You In The Morning

Let me guess...

You have TONS of PLR articles on your computer.

 You'd like to use them and you know they could really help your business grow but you know it takes a looong time to rewrite each article and just don't have the time.

 Not only don't you have the time, but you can't afford to pay someone to do it for you.

 Maybe you've joined a PLR membership site and you've paid the dues month after month but STILL haven't rewritten any of the articles and added them to your website, blog, or autoresponder. What a waste of your hard-earned money!

 Perhaps you don't really know how to rewrite an article, and you're afraid to try.

You've bought quality PLR to use someday... why not use it now?

PLR is powerful stuff that can help you add good content to your websites and blogs quickly and almost effortlessly. Haven't we been told over and over that adding fresh content to our sites will help our sites get love from the search engines?

Don't let a little thing like not knowing
how to rewrite an article stop you!

Learn how to do it, and how to do it quickly.
Use PLR The Right Way.

In this ebook; How To Rewrite PLR, I take you by the hand and show you how to rewrite PLR. I give plenty of examples to back up what I'm saying and even give you some mini-lessons to try out what you learn!

Just think -

Rewriting your PLR means you don't have to be afraid
of Google or Amazon Kindle slapping you!

So here's the scoop...

I first released How To Rewrite PLR Quickly and Easily a few years ago as an ecourse. Judging by all the testimonials I got, it helped a lot of people! I've now revamped it, turned it into an ebook and added additional valuable need-to-know info. And as a BONUS, I've included my report on How To Turn PLR Into Your Own Optin Report!

This ebook is now over 80 pages!

Previous testimonials...


Good job on this WSO. This is perfect for the beginner. What I like is that you show actual examples of how you rewrite PLR, and you also give assignments to help engage the reader.

You can tell when products are written by people who just researched their topic, but don't really do what they are teaching. And that is not the case here. It comes across in Peggy's writing that not only does she know what she's talking about, but that she uses it in her own business as well.

Thumbs up from me Peggy!


Hey Peggy,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your ecourse. It does what it says, I was able to quickly and easily rewrite an article after going through the course.

I especially like the way you had examples to work on, it helped to compare what I did with what you did.



Hello Peggy,
After reading your How to Rewrite PLR, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you are definitely the "Go-To-Person" when it comes to PLR.

Your course was very well explained with steps and I loved the fact that you made me participate during the course!

Before this, I had NO idea Whatsoever on how to rewrite articles but now I feel more Confident about myself and my skills. I'm definitely going to start rewriting PLR articles!

Jose Delgado via the WF


Hi Peggy,

It seems you were born to write...lol

Or maybe that should be born to teach it?
You do an excellent job of taking people step by step through the process of rewriting an article... and yet also improving on it.

Great course!

Randy Smith



 Not only do I share some of my methods of transforming
your PLR, but I also include:

 Why PLR is so valuable to your business. [Part 1]

 Why titles get top billing and how to make yours the best. [Part 2]

 How to decide what you want to do with your articles before you rewrite. It matters! [Part 1]

 This handy tip sheet for your quick rewrites. [Part 6]

 How to tell if you've rewritten your article enough. It's easy peasy with this special tool! [Part 4]

 The right way to write your article conclusion. Do this to get the results you want. [Part 5]

 Easy ways to add value to a PLR report so you end up with something really awesome! [Bonus] 

The price for this 80+ page ebook
that will get you cranking out
PLR rewrites in no time is

Hi Peggy,

I have read your Rewriting PLR and found it to be extremely easy to understand and use.

For all who have ever wanted to rewrite PLR, this is the way to do it. Believe me, I had no problems at all understanding this incredible eCourse and implementing its concepts. Peggy has done an excellent job of writing and smoothly including all the ways to rewrite any PLR you should come across.

Each lesson is written so anyone can understand what Peggy wants you to do. There are examples, all with explanations of what she wants you to accomplish.

Peggy, you have a truly wonderful program. Thank you for allowing me to use it; it made my work run much more smoothly.

Theodore Marlett


This does what it says on the tin. It works.

All you need to do is follow the easy instructions and you get to transform your PLR articles into money making, workable documents.

Highly recommended.

Adam Sussman via WF


Peggy Baron
P.S. This is a gotta-have ebook for any Internet marketer who wants to use the all the high quality PLR available to help push their profits to a new level.

P.P.S. Stop buying PLR and letting them sit. You know who you are...

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